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ICMDA Western Europe is organizing three different training courses online. It is aimed for medical students, junior doctors and graduates all over Europe, who would like to get equipped for discipleship, making the right choices in life and diving deeper into the field of students ministry. All this based on the word of GOD.



The courses will run on different dates, from June to August 2020.

There will be an online introduction meeting on June 27th, 18.00 pm


Online via the ZOOM platform. Once a week. One hour duration

You will get the ZOOM course's link to your whatsapp number, once you have registered.


The courses will be for free.


Write to:

Do not hesitate, choose your course below and register now!


1. Title: Discipleship Making Movement (DMM)



To go from a personal to a public faith in Jesus that multiplies and disciples healthcare professionals. 


You will be part of a small group, together discovering the foundations of discipleship. You will also get a new inspiration for your daily devotional time:

S (Scripture) - O (Observation) - A (Application) - P (Prayer) - S (Sharing)


These courses will be led by our ICMDA Western Europe team members, who are keen to pass on the blessings that they received themselves!


Introduction meeting: June 27th, 18.00 pm

Rest of meetings: To be discussed in your small group.

Number of participants: unlimited, divided into small groups (3-6 participants) 



2. Title: Choices in life 


Student and junior doctors' years are busy. But the biggest stress is often not the amount of work, it is the many choices that have to be made: Work, church, relationship...etc. What if I make the wrong choice? I will be unhappy all my life! These questions can really bring you down! If only God told me...

    Well, there is some good news for you. Together we will look at some guiding principles and practical wisdom found in the Bible.  Following these principles (yes, there is some extra work for you!) you will find your way. You will know that He guides you, but His ways in doing so are often seen in retrospect! 


This course will be led by Dr. Rick Paul, who works as a thoracic surgeon in Amsterdam. 

He was the Eurasia regional secretary of ICMDA, where he shared his knowledge and life experiences with many medical students and junior doctors. His impact on their lives is visible today.


Introduction meeting: June 27th, 18.00 pm

Meeting dates: Thursdays  2 July/ 9 July / 16 July/ 30 July (Q&A)


Times: 8 PM - 9 PM CEST

Number of participants: unlimited 


3. Title: Sydenham 


Sydenham International Conference (SYD) aims to equip and enthuse delegates for leadership in student ministry through Bible teaching, seminars and fellowship. The purpose is to encourage delegates to live faithfully as Christians in medicine.  SYD is intended for students and junior doctors who are actively involved in student ministry. Previous participants shared: Don't miss this opportunity! It will open your eyes. It will encourage and inspire you more than you could ever imagine. You'll learn to trust God and His guidance, and you'll find yourself diving into His Word with enthusiasm. You'll also see how important a position He has placed you in as a Christian medic.


This online edition of the Sydenham conference will be led by Peter Saunders, chief executive of ICMDA. 


Introduction meeting: June 27th, 18.00 pm

Meeting dates: 10 mondays starting on July 27th.



To be determined

Number of participants: Since we aim to follow up with each other, the number of participants is limited to 15. Subscribe soon and make sure you can attend every session!


Jul 27, 2020, 5:00 PM GMT+2
ZOOM webinar

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