2020 Project

2020 project

Online training courses - July/August 2020 

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ICMDA is an Association of National Christian Medical and Dental Societies.

Our vision is to be ‘a Christian witness through doctors and dentists in every

community  in every nation’. ICMDA Western Europe wants to live that out!  




the TEAM

The ICMDA WESTERN EUPOPE countries and the team representing each country. 










Esther, Switzerland


ICMDA Western Europe Representative

       Daniel                Julien                 Ytina                Victoria         Armand                 Carla

       Samuel              Valerie               Ella                 Sara                  Carla                  Lucie

Susanna & Ferran






what does icmda mean to you?

"My walk with ICMDA has been an opportunity for growth and a huge source of encouragement throughout the adventure of becoming a doctor. I look forward to many more years of edifying each other and together becoming better disciples as well as better physicians and dentists."

Mes années avec ICMDA on  qu'une grande source d'encouragement et de croissance dans la grande aventure qu'est la médecine.
J'espère vivre encore de nombreuses années à s'edifier les uns les autres afin devenir de meilleurs disciples ainsi que de meilleurs médecins et dentistes. 


             Lucie, Palliative Care and Pain medicine. France

"My name is Ella Metry, I'm a final year medical student at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. ICMDA WE has given me the chance to be part of a truly encouraging fellowship, to join international conferences and follow (online) courses together, that deepen our faith and so equip us as (future) doctors to share God's loving kindness in the medical field!"

Mijn naam is Ella Metry, ik ben laatstejaars geneeskundestudent aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Deel uitmaken van ICMDA WE ervaar ik als heel bemoedigend! We ontmoeten elkaar op internationale conferenties en volgen samen (online) lessen die ons geloof versterken en ons, als (toekomstige) dokters, toerusten om Gods liefde en genade te kunnen delen in de medische wereld!

                      Ella, Medical student. The Netherlands

Conference in Paris, France

Conference in Paris, France

Lecturer from Spain.

Lecturer from Spain.

Lecturers: Holland,Spain & Lebanon

Lecturers: Holland,Spain & Lebanon

Conference in Rome

Conference in Rome

Conference in Madrid, Spain

Conference in Madrid, Spain

Visiting Madrid! The Royal Palace.

Visiting Madrid! The Royal Palace.

Fellowship in Madrid!

Fellowship in Madrid!

Conference in Holland

Conference in Holland

UK delegates in Holland.

UK delegates in Holland.

Conference in London, UK

Conference in London, UK







Are you a medical student, a junior doctor or a graduate who wants to see a real transformation in medicine? Are you ready to make a stand in society for your Christian values?  


Christian views are challenged. But believers are often not equipped enough to explain the basis of their convictions and to understand the implications and consequences of modern thinking. Society, including us, wants to understand the “why” behind everything. We face a choice as Christians; become dormant and watch worldly trends erode the Christian foundations of our nations, which were once the base of great prosperity in Europe, or be equipped and discipled to proclaim the good news of Jesus for all who come to Him.  

You might be thinking ‘count me in!’ - but what will this look like in practice?

2019 ICMDA Western Europe Project

AIM: To go from a personal to public faith in Jesus that multiplies and disciples healthcare professionals.



Online life coaching

Six 1 hour-sessions, once per week. We focus on your personal faith foundation. We provide you with a series of challenges to maintain a close relationship to God but also with practical up to date tools to reach that goal. It shall become your lifestyle and not only stay your Sunday commitment.


Talent development

 Your talents - Our Challenge! We want to polish your God given gifts and to make you shine in medicine & society! After completing part one, each participant will receive a personal trainer who is an expert in their specific area. Be ready to be educated and discipled to excel!  


Let’s network

Together we are stronger as we stand in Western Europe for what we believe.

Working together as an international network of believers across Western Europe we will be able to continue to support and encourage each other in living and speaking for Jesus through healthcare and influencing wider society.


But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6:33


for europe!

 “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” 

Matthew 9:37-38



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